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ready to party

Fully assembled and inflated by us- pick up and hung by you!

The perfect quick fix for the boring party blues!

Quick & easy

ready to go from Drab to fab?

grab & Go garlands

Introducing our budget-friendly Grab & Go option! Effortlessly elevate any event with our pre-built balloon garlands. This is a quick, easy, and affordable way to take your event to the next level.

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You don’t have the time (or breath) to inflate endless balloons by mouth?

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You can’t find the colour palette you envisioned?

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You’re not sure how to assemble a balloon garland

Keep it simple!


We use professional, 100% biodegradable balloons in various sizes for the perfect, full garland every time!

EASY AS 1,2,3!


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1. request form

Use our form to let us know your colours, theme and sizing required

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2. confirmation

A confirmation will be sent including a summary of colours and pick up date

3. party

Pick up at one of our 2 locations, or request a delivery service and get ready to party!




Our Grab and Go Garlands are the perfect, budget friendly way to add a bit of magic to your event! Garland is fully assembled and inflated by us, and picked up and hung by you. Includes materials for easy hanging.

  • 4-8ft garlands available
  • $15 per ft
  • Choose up to three colors
  • Assembled with three

different sized balloons

Personalize your order with these add ons

  • Foil Letters
  • Foil Numbers
  • Mylar Shapes
  • Round Orbz
  • Swirls & Flowers
  • Magic Stars



your questions?

1. how long will the balloons last?

Kept indoors in ideal conditions, balloon garlands can last 4-6 weeks or longer!

2. How can I hang the garland?

Command hooks are perfect for temporary hanging or use a string balloon, fishing line or even balloon string to anchor to a mounting point

3. will it fit in my car?

We recommend a small or mid sized SUV to transport most grab and go garlands. Fold down seats are an added bonus for lots of space

Multicolored arched balloons
Square Polaroid
Multicoloured balloon background

“A party without balloons is just a meeting”

Talia xoxo

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